Sunday School Ministry

Zebulon Baptist offers an opportunity for relationship building and Bible Study through its Sunday School ministry. A place exists for everyone!

Adult Sunday School
For adults, we offer Sunday School in two formats, Communities and Traditional classes.

Communities are part of a rotation of teachers & topics that cover 8-week periods for a year.

Community 1 - Room D-9
This is a young adult community, for those who are college age and those who are starting off in their careers. Some members of this class are married, some are single, and some may be beginning families. The age range of this class is approximately 18 to early thirties.

Community 2 - Room B-9
Adults in this community are typically further along in their career and life paths; some are married, some are single, some have young children, and some have older children in high school. The age range of this class is approximately thirties and forties.

Community 3 - Room D-8
This community is mostly made up of those who are approaching or enjoying middle age. Some may still have older children, while others may be empty-nesters. Some may be caring for elderly parents. Many are still in their careers, and some may be retired. The age range of this class is approximately forties to sixties.

Community 4 - Room D-11
Many adults in this community are enjoying semi or full retirement, and almost all of their children are grown. Some may be caring for older family members, and some may be enjoying the gift of grandchildren. The age range of this class is approximately fifty-five and up.

Traditional Classes 

Sally Kauffman Class - Room D-10
This class for women has a very relaxed atmosphere and uses the Formations curriculum. There are women of several different generations who enjoy this class.

Fishers of Men Class - Room D-12
This class for men whose ages range from the 40's to the 60's uses the Formations curriculum.  They not only enjoy studying together, but they also enjoy reaching out and helping others in the community.

Willing Workers Class - Room D-6
This women’s class is mostly women who are at least 50 years of age, many of them have been members of the class for decades! They use the Uniform Series curriculum for lessons each week.

Roselle Massey Class - Room A-4
The women in this class range in age from mid-fifties and older. The teacher for whom this class was named called its members “her girls.” This class uses the Formations literature.

Fellowship Class - Room A-3
This women’s class has an average age of around 75-80. Many of the ladies are long--time class members, and they enjoy using the Formations curriculum.

Men’s Bible Class - Church Parlor
This men’s group has a group of rotating teachers who teach from the Formations literature. They range in age from forties and up.

Brotherhood Class - Room D-13
The men of this class range in age from fifties and up and enjoy learning from the Formations literature each week and enjoying good fellowship together.

Youth and Juniors Sunday School

8th & 9th grade - Room B-5

10th-12th grade - Room B-1

4th & 5th grade girls - Room B-16

4th & 5th grdae boys - Room B-14

6th & 7th grade  - Room B-15

Children's Sunday School

2nd & 3rd grade - Room B-8

K-1st grade - Room B-9

Preschool Sunday School

4 year olds - Room B-7

3 year olds - Room B11

2 year olds - Room B10

0-2 years old - Room B10


Building A - Sanctuary Building
Building B - Education Building
Building D - Glasgow Building